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From shopping to clothing or from festivals to parades, Bondi Beach is full of fun-loads for people of all interests and children of all ages. 

Partying and being a professional has long been regarded as two areas in opposite directions. But critics of this millennium say that there are reasons to believe that partying hard can help the career as well.

Men love looking admirable to the ladies, especially to young babes. Older men have even higher mental compulsion to be ‘the dream playboy of younger girls’. This article shows 10 tips that turns a dad into a DILF.  

A mere fun ‘hard party’ night of 5 girls and a gigolo in a hotel can turn out to be critical if the gigolo is found dead next morning. Here are 5 ways the girls can hide the body of the dead gigolo. 

Dressing like a Pussycat Doll you can not help but to get noticed on the dance floor. Here´s how to pull it off.
If you are going for a sinful holiday somewhere it is likely that you will find the possibility to participate in a wet t-shirt contest. But it is no fun only participating, how do you win?

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