Sunshine Rodriguez is not only your average model.  She has done bartending and also works as a MRI tech assistant. And yes, Sunshine is her real name. had the pleasure of talking to Sunshine:

- What's the most expensive drink you have ever drunk?
- I used to bartend and the most expensive drink is an incredible hulk $15 (Hennesy and Hypnotic), and as a shot would be Remy Martin $14

- .. and where was the cheapest?
- Liqueur shots like Fuzzy Navel for $7 This is mostly in Atlanta clubs.  Miami on the other hand is crazy!!! $12 for a lemondrop shot.

- What do you think about string bikinis?
- Love it! I have tons.

- What do you think about men in Speedos?
- Ehhhh. Only if you have the body for it. I prefer trunks to their knees.

- Where will you travel for your next vacation?
- I am planning a trip to Mexico in the summer.

Photos of Sunshine:

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