Lilje K is from Copenhagen in Denmark. She works part time as a dancer and model. In addition to her home country she has worked in Sweden, Germany, Spain and Turkey.

She is educated as a tailor and owns her own fashion line: Lilje K Copenhagen.

Sun & Sin sent a few questions her way:

Where will you travel for your next vacation?

Marbella, Spain

What's the most expensive drink you have ever drunk?

Hmm Can..t remember, so it must have been good. he he

.. and where was the cheapest?
Beer ;-)

What do you think about string bikinis?

Its the bikini you have to wear of course..

What do you think about men in Speedos?

Not my favorite :-(

If you had been awarded 1 million dollars to give to a charity, which one would you choose?

Breast cancer

If you're visiting Denmark for one night and want a place to knock back some beers and meet some beautiful people, where do you go?

My Place LOL

A few photos from her Myspace photo page:

More photos of Lilje K at her Myspace.