Emily Caprice looks better than a freshly baked carrot cake. The stunning blonde will finish her MBA in September 2008, and she also works as a model. Sun & Sin sent some questions her way.

- Where will you travel for your next vacation?

- South Beach next weekend.

- What's the most expensive drink you have ever drunk?

- Oh I don't pay for my own drinks but I know they have 19 dollar martinis in Hong Kong that I drank.

- .. and where was the cheapest?

- Cheapest is dollar drinks, many clubs have them.

- Do you have any favourite bikini brands?

- I like Beach Bunny Swimwear alot and Teaseum Bikinis

- What do you think about slightly overweight men in Speedos?

- Yucky but people should be able to wear whatever they want if it makes them happy!

Where's the pics?
Below you'll find a few photos of the model. Check out Emily Caprice's official homepage & her Myspace account for more photos.