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The top 10 drinking quotes

What does PMS stand for?

Some important information for men.
Photos from a spring break vacation in 2004.

Double Take Microwear sells bikinis and swimsuits to the bold and beautiful.
Interview with Maria, founder and owner of a Swiss String. Switzerland's leading micro bikini company.

Granny panties vs Sexy thongs

Big "granny panties" are just not for period days any more, some columnist and bloggers want to bring the big panties back. Is the thong's popularity fading fast?
In great contrast to the porcelain face of past times, todays Gyaru & Ganguro girls takes sexy & feminine to another level.

This is a huge event on the bikini contest circuit with thousands of dollars in prizes.

Men in bikinis are funny, for a little while.

If you are having a good time while participating it is a good chance you'll end up winning it.

Micro bikini company Wicked Weasel has launched its' 2008 catalogue.

Photos from the island of Santorini.

Travelling far away from home? Congratulations, you now look exotic to the locals! Use it to your advantage!
If you want to reveal instead of expose you should look to Anne Cole.

Tequila Suicide

The Tequila Suicide is the perfect way to kickstart a party.

The beach club on the Bossa beach of Ibiza is where the young and beautiful go to party their day and nights away.

Many try to do it, many fail. Read these tips first.
Koala Swimwear is a company from Los Angeles who produces minimal thong style swimwear for men.

You think she got the body to wear it, but she is hesitating. Here's some tips on how to convince her.

Beach season is around the corner. Here's some photos that may inspire you to lay off that beer and chocolate for a while.

Baby Oil Tanning

Getting fried in the sun secures a great golden tan but it is dangerous.

If you are going to stay at a hostel you better learn some etiquette before you go. Here's a guide.

Australian micro bikini company LustyThreads.com may be most known for their female range of bikinis, but they also sell some extremely risque swimwear for men.
Yes, you are probably gonna encounter people doing it on your party vacation this summer, but here's some reasons for you to not be a part of it.

Tanlines: Hot or not?

Some hate them ,others love them. Here's a look at tanlines using photos from Flickr.
We have interviewed the Australian online micro bikini company LustyThreads.com about the trends for this summer and how their bikinis may make you stand out at the beach..
Sublime Bikinis manufacture and market their tiny bikinis from a small workshop in New Zealand. In this interview the owner reveals the top selling models, talks about being recommended by dancers and who their typical customer is.
In the party resort of Faliraki there is demand for workers. You earn 20-40 euros a night and are paid in cash. Many visitors come for a week of vacation and stay the whole summer. 

SuitsYouSwimwear.com is a company from Tampa Florida who specializes in sexy bikinis and contest "gear" for figure competition athletes. In this interview the founder reveals on which beaches you are most likely to spot their bikinis.

Thinking of travelling to a foreign country to get an inexpensive boob job? Here´s some more info and a price list.
They promise you one thing, you get your hopes up, but when it is time to deliver you are often disappointed and sad. Here´s 9 commonly advertised hotel features and what they really mean. 
"Magaluf1" is a Myspace profile dedicated to the cheap and cheerful resort of Magaluf on the island of Mallorca. The person who created the profile is a 20 year old female who thinks foam is fun.

We send dilemmas to travel bloggers every Monday and invite them to give their opinions and solutions. Bloggers can write their opinion in their blog or simply e-mail it back. Every Saturday I copy and paste the work of the bloggers into a nice little article about the dilemma. This week´s dilemma is..

Sarah is a fashion designer who is heading back to Ibiza again after having a great time there last time. Here´s our first Myspace interview.

Money is tight, but you want some sun and sin.
You were the king of the dancefloor last night, but today you are a total wreck. Is there a cure for a really bad hangover?

A holiday fling that can not last? Be a man and tell her the truth.
Fat? Unhealthy? Do you get sad by looking in the mirror? Great, you got what it takes to lose some weight.

Slingshot bikinis

The slingshot bikini is an extremely risque type of swimwear. It is often used by female bodybuilders and you should generally have a fat percentage below 10% to be able to wear this type of bikini with confidence. Read more to see illustration photos.
One of the most expensive countries in the world. Is not cheap to party in Norway. Therefore the locals spend hours and hours at various pre-parties before they dare to hit the pubs and clubs.

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