The gay party scene is a little bit different than the straight party scene. Though the two sides can mingle amicably in many settings, it seems like they stay separated when it comes to their party vacations. Where are gay people heading to have their fun this summer? There are plenty of cities that accommodate gay people and make them feel at home.

Most major cities in America are very accommodating for gay people, but one in particular is Miami. South Beach is a huge party spot for all kinds of people and there’s plenty of room for everybody to have a good time. That’s where the majority of gay people will be heading to get their drink on when the sun gets hot.

Whether it is in Miami or any other major city, gay people simply have a knack for partying that straight folks can’t match. Often times, gay people are more affluent than their straight counterparts and they aren’t shy about spending that money. These are the guys you will see in the clubs and bars wearing the most expensive clothes and buying shots for everyone around. You will also notice that they take better care of themselves than straight guys. They simply know how to look better.

When gay guys aren’t out hitting the clubs and showing people up with their good style choices, they are staying at resorts that cater especially to their lifestyle. Palm Springs, California is one place that is noted for having a large number of gay only resorts. This is a more popular option for the winter time, but there are plenty of people hitting up gay bed and breakfast spots in Palm Springs during the summer. Regardless of where you choose to vacation, you can probably find at least one upscale hotel that will not only cater to the gay lifestyle, but embrace it.