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When you're on the beach, you'll want to play around a little bit. What are the best ways to enjoy yourself on the beach and what will get you noticed?

 Where are gay people heading to have their fun this summer? There are plenty of cities that accommodate gay people and make them feel at home.

Simply put, with so many people competing for attention in a club, you have to be pretty special to stand out.
There’s nothing wrong with picking up a date at the gym, but you better do it the right way.

Some tips on how to offend women in night clubs.
Here are some celebs that have augmented their bust. They do not want you to know, but it is not easy to hide when they look so good.

There is no more devastating potion for a relationship than alcohol. When people abuse alcohol, their relationships suffer.
Do you know that feeling you get in your stomach when you have been out drinking too much? That’s your liver down there, and he’s giving you a reminder of just how bad you’ve ruined his life. Eventually, your liver is going to stop hanging out down there with the kidneys and say, “Peace out.”
How much does it cost to be "The man?" A guide to the lifestyle of the high roller who may not really be able to afford it.

Steroids have proven to give some pretty substantial results when it comes to helping you get ready for beach season.
If you are a guy around the ages of 18-24, wearing a Speedo to the beach is just a little bit too ambitious.
If you are a woman, then there is one thing that is sure to catch every guy’s eye. They’re called boobs and we can’t seem to get enough of them.

You are getting a tattoo during your vacation no matter what, but you would not like a trashy one. Here´s a quick classy tattoo guide.
You want to party and you want to party hard. But be smart, read this article to learn how to avoid getting the police on your back.

Myspace is ideal for meeting some women to hang out with during your party vacation.

Richie Richs travel one place and Poor Peters have to travel somewhere else.

If you’ve ever been in college, then you know that sometimes, partying has to be done with a budget.

There are beach etiquette tips that every spring breaker needs to know.

When clubs get crowded, there’s only one way to bypass the line and get to the action. You’ve got to make friends with the bouncer.

The tribal tattoos on the lower back of attractive females has often been referred to as a "tramp stamp."

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