So you are in Amsterdam and of course you are headed for the Red Light District. Oh, wow! Look at all the prostitutes in the windows! Let me take some photos of them! Think again.

Photos not appreciated
Some advice from the Amsterdam Tourist Information: If you visit the Red Light District do not bring your camera. Taking photos is not prohibited, however, it is far from appreciated.

Respect the girls
Most of the working girls are not from the Netherlands. Usually they are from East Europe or Asia. They may come over to Amsterdam for a few months to work before they head back home
to their families. They will not appreciate that you capture their work with your camera. If anyone catches you snapping a photo, do not be surprised if they confiscate or destroy your camera.

Those who do not understand this
There are of course people who do not respect or understand this. For example this guy from Portugal:

Andre got 20-30 photos with his Canon EOS 300D camera and posted it here.