Well, he said it...he and Alissa were drunk off their asses so they decided to bungee jump.  Yeah, that's the only way you'd get me to do something like this!

Calling out to mommy?

Look at this guys' face right before he jumps.  He kinda looks like he's saying "mommy save me,
I'm about to do something stupid!" and then they just kinda stand there gathering up their nerves...their drunk nerves that is.  Because basically when you do something wild and crazy, ya gotta be drunk!  I wonder what they were saying to each other as they were on the way down, Him: "You let go of me and I'll kill you!" Her: You puke on me and I'll kill you!

Hauling in today's catch

At the very end they look like two huge fish brought in from a fresh catch.  Especially the way the attendant handled them when he pulled them by their arms as he was bringing them in.
Looks like they had "fun?"...couldn't you see the big smiles on their faces? I wonder who hurled first after it was all over?