Visit in July, August and September to see the street parades.
Do not book your Ibiza holiday in the beginning or towards the end of the tourist season, you will end up very disappointed. Ibiza is best enjoyed in peak season for party travellers.

When wandering around in Ibiza during April or October you will notice a lot of bored and disappointed faces, they arrived and expected a party island, but all they got was a quiet island who is sleeping while waiting for the party people of July and August.

Only in the
Ibiza has a reputation for being a clubbers delight, a party paradise. But this is restricted to the peak summer season. The clubs open in June and close in September. Ibiza’s image as a party island is due to what happens on the island in these months. If you visit Ibiza in mid-July you will see outragous outfits, heavy partying and meet a lot of tanned, sexy and outgoing people. The atmosphere in the rest of the year is very relaxed and quiet.

The island’s beaches and the sun can be enjoyed all year, but if you want to see why Ibiza is famous you have to book at trip in the summer months, if not, you will get disappointed.

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