Negril has been popular ever since the 1970's when hippies travelled over to taste this relaxing 'unhurried' town and the inviting locals.  This is an extremely relaxed place where you can expect to sunbathe, snorkel, swim, sunbathe or sunbathe!

It's situated on the western 'w' tip of Jamaica and has a hot climate all year round. Currency here is in either Jamaican dollars or US dollars.  67.5 is approximately $1 / �0.74 / £0.51.

Who Comes To Negril?
Negril attracts many American tourists, with some British and other European holiday goers because the town is now a package destination, however you won't find Negril full of towering buildings like other resorts as builders can't construct any building thats higher than the tallest palm tree.

The ages of people to visit Negril ranges between 20 to early 40's and some enjoy the fact that it isn't illegal to smoke marijuana here.  Most opt for an all inclusive resort where you'll find couples, singles and families (the beaches and shallow calm waters here a great for children).

When does the Season Begin in Negril?
Holidaymakers come to Negril all year round because of it's high temperatures of up to 32�, the lowest being around 20� and the hottest times being May to November.  The rainfall is fairly low too, however the rain comes mainly between September and November.

Airport Information
The Donald Sangster Airport is closest to Negril – about 82km / 51m.  If you have booked a package holiday then your transfer will probably have been arranged on your behalf.  However, if you need to arrange transfer from the airport to Negril yourself, get a taxi from the airport which should not cost more than $80 / �59.50 / £40 but you can try to agree a lower price with the driver before climbing in.  Buses are much cheaper but hot, crowded and uncomfortable as the journey takes around 90 minutes in a car.

Negril Nightlife
If it's a reggae night you want to sample then you won't have any problems finding a live band or DJ playing Jamaica's favourite tunes.  Bourbon Beach has live music three times a week and you can get food here until around 11pm and Sunset Bar (in the West End) has had some great reviews.  Calypso, dance, hip-hop (at The Jungle) and international pop music also feature in some places. 

Being so laid back, dress code is funky casual in the majority of bars and clubs.  Some may charge a small cover fee instead of entrance, of around $2.50 / �1.80 / £1.25, however some clubs (like The Jungle and Samsara) will charge up to $30 / �22 / £15 entry fee. 

Local Drinks
Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is a must at breakfast.  If it's alcoholic beverages you want, you'll get a mixer or a beer (Red Stripe and Heineken is popular here) for around $2 / �1.48 / £1 which can be cheaper if you find a bar doing happy hour. 

Local Cuisine
Rice and beans is the local dish, but you will have to sample the famous Jerk Chicken and one of the many restaurants and cafes serving food.  Seafood meals like cray fish are found in most restaurants, as is crab, and you can find plenty of American alternatives if you don't want to try the fish.  Meals aren't cheap here but you can get a meal of jerk chicken with a soft drink for around $10 / �7.40 / £5 (plus cover).  

Boy/Girl Ratio
The local male to female ratio (residents) is approximately 1.7:1, however lots of men visit Hedonism as they've been coming here since the 1970's so you may find that in those resorts there are more men than women.

This may be a laid back town but there are lots of pickpockets and thieves that will prey on any tourists so stick with your mates and don't carry loads of cash or valuables.

Negril Beaches
The main stretch of beach in Negril runs from Bloody Bay through Long Bay and is approximately 11kms / 7m long with soft white sand.  Be aware that going nude or topless on a public beach is not tolerated but you can by a day pass and enter Hedonism II which is a world famous nude resort.  There are many parts of the beach that have limited or no access because they are private or for resort guests but there is plenty left for those of you that aren't residing in one of them!

Or if you get a bit bored of sunbathing, take a boat trip out to Cat Island to see the coral reefs.