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Santa Monica is a large busy resort that attracts American residents from surrounding states but is also beginning to attract lots of European countries like it here because of the weather, and that there is so much to do and see. 

South Padre Island is a popular resort town.

In 1967, Hurricane Beulah caused extensive damage to much of the town of South Padre Island.

Subsequent to rebuilding, the island became a popular spring break destination for college students and other tourists. Many multistory resort hotels and condominiums have been erected along the coastline to the Gulf of Mexico.

The area is trendy, as are the nightclubs, and the beaches exotic.

Rio is half beaches, half mountains and full of fun.

Things can get pretty energetic in Puerto Vallarta.  There are plenty of bars and clubs in the 'Hotel' 'Romantic' zones to choose from that are lively and get quite busy. 

An all out beach party is said to be had here, all year round.

The ages of people to visit Negril ranges between 20 to early 40's and some enjoy the fact that it isn't illegal to smoke marijuana here. Negril has been popular ever since the 1970's when hippies travelled over to taste this relaxing 'unhurried' town and the inviting locals.

Natal certainly isn't famed for it's calm waters and beautiful scenery but either way this is a popular resort! Very popular among Scandinavians. So come along and share a drink with some Swedish goddesses.

Nassau has a wonderful history of Pirates, slavery and smuggling. These days the main offering is the amazing beaches to kick back and chill on and a sophisticated night life. 

I may not have exact statistics for you but despite what you might think about the 'racing' environment, this resort attracts loads of ladies – perhaps trying to attract what they believe is an abundance of men!
Most of the bars here are geared towards British tourists with there being endless English pubs and clubs with mainly English workers.

The clubbing scene in Mykonos is lively, modern and atmospheric with a large presence of gay clubbers

The Strip in Malia is usually where the young crowds gather.  With bars and clubs that generally don’t charge an entry fee – there are so many that they will try to entice you in with free drinks instead.

Both locals and holidaymakers go out to find the best bars and clubs with the night beginning at around midnight after dinner and drinks.
There are lots of quality bars and clubs with DJ’s and regular music in Madrid, many of the popular ones are found littered around the scenic city.

Crowds usually gather in droves on the main strip in Laganas

Kos is extremely popular with young British and European tourists wanting an inexpensive holiday in a hot beach resort.

Bars and Clubs are in abundance on Kavos.

If you are looking for lively nightlife in Hvar, then  you could try the bar/club 'Carpe Diem' you can party here by day, and night of course, with a popular time being around 5pm!

The nightlife here isn't wild and crazy, yet Dubrovnik is so full of atmosphere and sophistication.

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