Not every woman has a perfect slim figure but we all have a right to party! You might not be blessed with the thin model look, don’t worry though being sexy is about the attitude. Here are a few tips for real women who want to look amazing when they hit the club!

Photo: Untitled under CC-license by Thowi.

1. Wear the right heels

Select a pair of heels that you’ll be comfortable in all night. Don’t try too hard by wearing a pair of 5 inch stilettos. Many women opt to wear incredibly high heels and end up hurting their feet.

2. Play with accessories

Less is more with accessories. Don’t go overboard and don all your accessories in one go. It’s best to bring attention to a single accessory. Stay classy and sophisticated, theres no need to over dress with too much.

3. Never compromise your comfort for style

You might be wearing the most amazing dresses, however, if you look uncomfortable wearing it you’ll look pathetic.
Most importantly, secure your underwear. Don’t be the girl that keeps adjusting her bra strap on the dance floor.

4. Highlight your greatest features

Flaunt your best feature! If you have stunning pair of legs go out in a revealing dress that accentuates them. Don’t attempt to highlight more than one thing at a time.

5. Don't be afraid to experiment

Be original when you go out on a night. It’s far better to be a trend setter than a copy cat. Don’t allow you to blend in with the crowd, add a little spice to the standard outfit. Draw attention to yourself for the right reasons.

6. Keep up with the trends

Don’t worship the trends and flawlessly copy the magazines you adore but keep up to date with the latest fashions. Wear current clothing, nothing from the previous year.

7. Don't only look sexy, but smell sexy

Looking stunningly sexy is one thing, smelling of sweat when you come off the dance floor is abhorrent. Buy a decent sexy perfume and keep it with you throughout the night to disguise the smell.

8. Sexy not Slutty!

Sexy doesn’t mean wearing the most revealing dress or close to nothing at all. If you’re wearing a cleavage boosting low cut top don’t pair it up with an underwear revealing skirt. There’s a fine line between sexy and slutty.

9. Panty lines are not hot!

One of the greatest pieces of advice I can give you here is not to try too hard. A nonchalant care free aura is desirable, don’t be overly self conscious. Remain as laidback and confident as possible and you’ll see yourself having a wonderful night.

10. Be Realistic

I'm not going to explain how to make your belly look smaller or your legs longer. Try not to develop a warped sense of how your body appears. If you’re a size 10 don’t go around insisting that you’re a 6. Wear clothing that flows with your body as you move. Lacy clothing is incredibly sexy and feminine.