If you want to travel to the Canary isles to party, head for Playa del Ingles on Gran Canaria or Playa de las Americas on Tenerife. Lanzarote is a more sedate and quiet island. Lanzarote's main party hotspot is Puerto del Carmen where you can enjoy some late night fun at clubs and discos.

Party nights starts at 10 PM

Night life is rife in Puerto del Carmen.  The main strip transforms slowly from a family evening area to a disco/party area from around 10pm all along the strip.  Music of all tastes is catered for, from lots of different venues hosting shows, singing, and other entertainments.  English bars like Lineker’s thrive on the flow of cultures and people, mixing and enjoying each others company. Sports bars screen live football and sports from all around the world so you never miss how your team may be getting on.  Over 40 Irish bars like Mulligan’s and Charlie’s stretch along this busy area mixed with Spanish bars (Cerveceria San Miquel), Celtic taverns (the Celtic Inn)and English pubs(Olde English Pub) all with there own special mark to be made within this area.  While attracting a more 18-30 custom in the later evening, there really is something for all ages, abilities, styles and budgets.

With so many bars and clubs it would be impossible to stand out; or so you would think. The bar Tropical is a great place to sit around have a drink and watch Puerto del Carmen bustling and smiling as new experiences jump out around every corner to those you watch.  Exotic cocktails, good music and always a buzzing atmosphere are memorable every time.
The cheapest beer in the strip was found in the north part nearer Matagorda at Playa de los Pocillos. Entertainment show bars, restaurants and amusements designed for all kinds of budgets all awaiting discovery along the strip and all very welcoming.

Night clubs

Night clubs like the Paradiss Club and the Emporium offer different style music from disco, garage, hardcore, drum and base and chart music, all hustling for you business along the long very busy new town (main strip).  With so many to choose, you won’t be able to dance around them all.

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