Alcohol addiction can cause serious problems in your health as well as in relationships. Anybody who is suffering from this addiction really needs some immediate treatment. However, if you have a continuous trouble with your boyfriend about drinking too much alcohol, greatly consider these 5 reasons to say goodbye to your alcoholic boyfriend. This way it might be easier for you to think if it’s really time for you to say it’s over.

Having an alcoholic partner is not easy to deal with. However, the best thing you can do is to find the main reason why he is going through this. Try helping the person first on how to get over it. But, if things are not working try seeking a professional help and get out from the relationship.

1. Physical abuse
There are reasons why you need to say goodbye in a relationship especially with an alcoholic boyfriend. First, if there are any physical abuses when your partner is drunk. This is a serious reason why you need to leave him. Remember that there is no reason for someone to hurt you particularly if he is drunk. Save yourself and don’t wait for it to happen again.

2. Partying and drinking
Second, if he spends all of his time partying and drinking. It is
quite offending if your partner doesn’t have time for you anymore but he has time to party and drink. However, it is advisable to talk with him about it first. If nothing changes and your boyfriend loves drinking than you, then maybe it’s time to be tough and leave him.

3. Disrespect
Third could be, if he starts disrespecting you, your family or friends. You can no longer say your partner still loves you if he doesn’t respect you at all including your family. Respect is one of the primary things that are needed to make the relationship stronger.

4. Trouble to everyone
Fourth, when he starts causing a lot of trouble to everyone. Damaging properties, bullying or fighting anyone including you is really a big problem. It is no longer healthy for you to have a partner who is a trouble maker. It would be better if you will seek advice from professionals in treating him. That way, you can also help him change.

5. Lying
Fifth, would be lying just for him to drink and party. Lying just to get what you need, can be considered far too much. He needs assistance, but in order for you to help him he needs to help himself first.

You can base these 5 Reasons to say goodbye to your alcoholic boyfriend. But, above all the mentioned reasons you still need to understand first what help you can give to your boyfriend. Anyone deserves a chance but once you think it is going too far, it is time for you to decide what’s best for you.