Spain is a hugely popular holiday destination in Europe. People from all over Europe and other parts of the world travel just to experience it, whether it be for a week, or a month or more. Let's look at the 5 things I love about Spain the most!

Photo: Ibiza

1. Tapas - What better place to eat tapas than Spain itself? With tapas originating from Spain, you'll be in the right place for it. There are many restaurants available - ask your hotel reception what the best ones are locally. Various dishes include goats cheese, ham, shrimp, spinach, other cheese, and much more, with lots of fresh herbs. The flavors are delightful and you should not miss out on this on a trip to Spain!

2. Gaudi's architecture - Spain isn't all just about hot beaches and nice restaurants. Many countries have that, and although they are worth experiencing in Spain while you're there, there is also a more unique experience to be had: seeing Antoni Gaudi's architecture. There are mixed opinions on how good his work actually is, but the buildings are truly out of this world and are certainly worth seeing. Most of them can be found in Barcelona. Just remember to avoid the Barcelona tourist traps when visiting.

3. Art museums - Spain is the home of some of the most famous artists of all time; Dali and Picasso. You can view some of their works in Centro de Arte Reina Sofia. There is a lot of history to such paintings, and the museums are truly unique. It's also worth checking out the art on show in Museo del Prado, which displays works from the 14th to 19th century by artists such as El Greco and Goya. Entry is free on most weekdays. 

4. Flamenco shows - Flamenco is commonly mistaken for dancing, but it's actually considered a musical form that just happens to sometimes involve dancing. If you go to Spain and want to see flamenco dancing, you're in luck, because there are venues that have both the song and the dancing in one. You can see a full flamenco show at Torres Bermejas in Madrid. There are others, just ask a tour guide or your hotel reception for specific suggestions. Do also check out some of the cheap Madrid restaurants, very tasty and very value for money.

5. Seville - Words cannot describe the wonderfulness of Seville. The cathedral with its Giralda tower, the Alcazar castle, the Plaza de España - these are some of the things you should absolutely visit in your lifetime. Seville is a very artistic and cultural city in the south of Spain, and it looks even better at night. Keep in mind though that the heat can be tough to bare in August, but even then it's worth suffering. Here you can experience flamenco, nightlife, tapas, and more. This city alone is a fantastic holiday.

Overall there is plenty to enjoy in Spain. There's something for the arty cultural types, the foodies, the beach goers, the hot weather seekers, and so on. Whatever interests you, you will most probably enjoy Spain as a holiday.

Written by Ash Cooper.