Summer is almost upon us and it is almost time to hit the beach and look good in a bikini. Men love women that are fit, skinny and can really look good wearing a bikini. Let's take a look at some tips to get bikini ready for the summer.

1. Exercise.
Get in the gym, run around the local track or exercise at home. But move around and burn those calories. Burning calories will help get rid of fat on your body.

2. Avoid alcohol.
Yeah, we know, its kind of hard when you like to party. But if you want to get bikini ready by summer, you will need to cut out the alcohol, or at the very least, drink as little as you can.

3. Avoid sugar.
of sugar as your enemy. It wants to see you fat and out of shape. You don't want to see yourself like that, so avoid the sugar.

4. Avoid saturated fat.
Think of saturated fat as going straight to your hips and abs. Get the picture? If you want to be bikini ready, avoid the saturated fats.

5. Eat healthy fats.
Essential fats can actually help you burn fat and get bikini ready. Supplement with Omega 3 fatty acids if you don't want to look like a candidate for the show The Biggest Loser.

6. Cut your calories by 500 calories a day.
That's right, you have to stop eating as much as you currently are eating. A 500 calorie a day reduction will help your drop one pound of fat a week.

7. Don't make excuses.
Don't make excuses of why you can't stick to your diet, why you can't exercise or why you need that sugary snack. Just become dedicated and follow these tips and you will be bikini ready for summer.