There are certain times when you have drunk too much or you’ve combined thirteen types of liquor and you just have to get it all out. Everybody that has spent considerable time drinking or partying has had to throw up at some point in time. Anyone who likes to take shots consistently has thrown up multiple times. How do you puke in style? Here are some ways to keep your dignity while you lose your guts.

1. Hit the bathroom
This one is pretty obvious, or at least it should be. If you feel like you are going to have to puke pretty soon, then head out of the bar and into the bathroom. One of the quickest ways to get tossed from the bar is to throw up on somebody else. If you are a guy, this doubles as a great way to get your nose broken by a big guy that’s covered in your vomit.

2. Never in someone’s car, home, or bed
These are the basic rules of etiquette for puking. No one is going to hate you for throwing up, unless you do it in their car, home, or bed. If you are riding in the car and feel the urge to puke, let somebody know. The driver will gladly pull over so that he can avoid being sprayed with your throw up. The same goes for someone’s house. Make it outside or at least to a bathroom.

3. Keep it off of your shoes
When people puke, they have a tendency to get pretty messy. Though they can avoid puking all over themselves, they often neglect to think about the fact that their shoes are covered in vomit. Don’t throw up on your shoes or if you do, make sure that you clean it off so that your friends don’t have to smell that awful stench.

4. Dry Heaving is Never Fun
If you can help it, don’t get to the point where you are dry heaving. The sounds of dry heaving can make people queasy and that’s never a good thing. Keep that empty puking session out of the equation or else your friends might join in the fun.

If you have to get that tequila out of your system, no one will hate you for it. When you start tossing second hand Jose Quervo at your buddies and their property, then there will likely be a problem.