When it comes to hardcore partying, club goers have learned how to push the envelope. They test the boundaries of the law, sometimes overstepping those bounds. How much is too much and when does a little bit of fun turn into a major legal headache? It all depends where you are and what kind of mayhem you’re causing.

When hoards of young people get together, police know that tons of fun will be had. Because of that, they’re willing to let certain things go. It’s a fine line that partiers must not cross, though. Hot spring break spots in Florida and other coastal areas allow for a little more fun than your typical American city. Police know that folks are going to have a good time; they just want to make sure things don’t get out of hand.

Whatever you do, no throwing up!
If you’re drunk in public and you aren’t causing any harm, then chances are you’ll be just fine. When everybody’s drunk, cops don’t mess with drunks. Legal hassles can occur when that drunkenness leads to downright mayhem. One sure way to get busted is to throw up in the street. Puking will earn a disorderly conduct charge in a hurry.

Assault and Butt Ugly
If you’re taking your clothes off or starting a fight, it’s likely you’ll be booked, as well. Cops aren’t there to spoil the party, but they won’t put up with any assault. Fighting in a large area of people can be pretty dangerous, so the authorities won’t put up with much of it. Getting naked is frowned on, as well. This is especially true for those who like to relieve themselves in public. That will earn a hefty fine.

It costs what?!
Speaking of fines, some of these acts of drunken debauchery can carry a stiff price tag. Depending on what state you are in, disorderly conduct can cost up to $500. Things like assault can bring a fine of up to $1000 depending upon the severity of the situation. The fines are high for drunken crimes because cops want to send a message that stupid simply won’t be tolerated.

Even in Florida, use Moderation
If you’re going to party down in Florida, realize that the police will be happy to let you get away with certain things. If you’re stumbling down the sidewalk, they’ll probably ask someone to take you home. If you’re puking on the sidewalk, they’ll take you away. It won’t be home, though. It will be jail.