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The FDA does not recommend Melanotan, but people don't seem to care

Melanotan gives you a golden tan, increases your libido and decreases your appetite. These "benefits" seem to make many ignore the risks. Read more about the hormone here.

Sporting a great tan in your bikini

The summer is here, and photo sites like Flickr is filled with women who show off their golden tans and hot bikinis: Here's a collection of photos of tanned bikini beauties.

Do you need an inexpensive beach bikini this summer?

At our partner site,, there's a whole section devoted to cheap bikinis that costs less than $30 for one set.

Enjoy your days in the sun!
In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the beach promenade is where it's going on. Here's a video clip.
Mykonos is a Greece island famous for hedonistic partying. This is the beach to visit for a sexy party day out.
Marmaris is a beach resort in Turkey with a lot of discos and bars. Here's a video from the nightlife.

Enough with the complications. Here are some no-nonsense tips.

This woman is a famous samba dancer and model from Brazil. Check the video.

Is this girl group Brazil's answer to Pussycat Dolls? Check the video.

Here's an entertaining and informative report from the non-textile vacation paradise Cap d'Agde on the French riviera.

A little low on cash this summer? Here are some tips on how to scrape together some cash for your vacation.

Are you entering a bikini competition or beauty pageant this summer? Here are some tips that can help you win.

10 glamorous women share their views on the tiny beach wear phenomenon.

It's hard to be a waiter. 

Interview with model & law student Brandi Richardson.

The American Express Black card shows the nightclub staff and your fellow clubbers that you are a real player.

LiljeK is from Copenhagen in Denmark. She works part time as a dancer and model. Sun & Sin asked her some questions.

It's 2 AM in the morning and you're feeling fine, so why not approach the most attractive woman in the bar and deliver one of these lines?

You go to a restaurant and are ready to order. Then the waiter sits down with you to take the order.

The Italian model answers some questions.

No surprise: The 3rd best looking woman in Denmark (According to men's magazine M) doesn't buy her own drinks.
If you're a man visiting Miami you are in danger of getting a whiplash injury. Beauty is everywhere.

The Tampa hottie talks to Sun & Sin about $1300 champagne.

Leave that old Speedo alone and get yourself a pair of swimming trunks. Sun & Sin talks to the MBA model about expensive drinks, swimming attire and vacation plans.

Sun & Sin talks to the Israeli born model who has moved to Miami Beach to further her model career.
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