7. Aromatherapy

Mix these sensual oils together and cast your love dovey the sexual spell. Try rose and sandalwood as a mood enhancer. You could also apply a few drops of oil to his body while giving him with a good massage. Also, when you prepare the bath tub, leave few drops of these oils too.

8. Watch a sexy movie together

Get a bottle of wine and watch a sexy movie together. Choose a movie were the lead stars make love whenever they get a chance. Porn is too straightforward so opt for something wherein you have to anticipate what their next hot action will be. I personally like The Thomas Crown Affair.

9. Fun role play

Well, I am not a sex guru but from experience, role-play is exciting. It’s actually up to you and your lover on how creative you’d want to be.  For the props, you may want to add blindfold, hand cuffs and other necessary stuff. (Tip: Fishnets are cheap and it’s perfect for rough moments when you want him to rip them off!)

10. Pillow fight
Act like kids together! Pillow fights will remind you of your younger carefree days. Challenge his competitive side. Flirt while fighting and you’d definitely end up getting passionate.

I hope you enjoy these tips.