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Do you have a nagger wife who just cannot shut up when you break her Do’s and Dont’s inside the house? With an escort you can watch sport without interruption and other fun things!

I am not discouraging you but celebrities are known to date their own high profile kind. However, here are few things which could help you.

This is all about finding a male model on the site and how to get his attention.

So, you're on the prowl for the neat guy in a nice suit, who's knowledgeable when it comes to money and potentially has a lot of money?

Everybody loves spring break and like you, I am waiting for the next one. Remember that vacations like this rarely comes for free except if Daddy can afford it for you.

It’s not a secret that female fitness models are the hottest girls you can parade in town. Who can’t help but lust over their toned physique and tight booties? You surely want to date one of them but how do you spot them?

Are you a model or Z-list celebrity that wants to make it big time? Read these tips.

Remember those times that the bedroom used to be the sanctuary of romance and kinkiness for you and your partner?

I have friends who are "Singles Moms" and I asked them to let me in to a little secret on what makes them give in to a man whom they happen to meet while on a vacation getaway.

Here's another honest-to-goodness perspective why diamonds are popular among girls.

You may not have the stick-thin model look, but sexiness is all about attitude. Here are few tips to real women who want to look fabulous when they hit the club!

I bet some may oppose my opinion on this, but I hope that there are girls out there who are not hypocrites to admit that all things being equal, they would rather choose the athletic type over the big fat guy.

The cold hard reasons why you should hook up with the former and ditch the later.

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