Me and some friends had a few drinks together in the weekend. OK, it ended up being a lot of drinks. When we had knocked back a few too many we ended up discussing which of our friends' wives we were attracted to.

To cut a long story short: No one wanted my wife.

Anyway, I have compiled this list of bikini hotties who are much better looking than both mine and my friends' wives.

Edit: August 2008 I edited this page because some of the photos were simply too hot to be shown on a PG site!

1. Ice Queen

Bling bling bikini lady, I can't afford you.

2. Statue woman from the sky

Of course, this one is drop dead gorgeous, but
she is probably unable to share a family size pizza with me.

3. Punishment hottie

This hot bikini babe reminds me of the time I suggested to my wife that she should wear a g-string to the beach, or to the bedroom at least. She ended up slapping my face.

4. Conservative crazy chick

This one looks a bit conservative, but she is able to smile because she is feeling crazy today, wearing a bikini & bathsuit combo.

5. Las Vegas convention hottie

This is the type of hard to explain credit card statement after your weekend in Vegas.