Here are some springbreakers that may choose another career if college life does not suit them very well:

Edit! Some of these were way too hot to stay on the site so they were taken down! /sorry. August 2008.

1. I bet you look good on the dancefloor too.

2. At least one of your daughters can become a model.

3. Isn't it the new Piz Buin poster girl?

4. Don't let her go to Med-School!

5. Can you say Yum?

You can become more than promo girls! Believe me! I'm an agent!

7. He made the girls stare.

8. She got tired of all the comments and decided to wear something else than her thong.

9. Back to the 80s: A pink Speedo matching your girlfriend's bikini. The sensible option for any wannabe.

10. She used to be heroin chic, now she's only chic.