IMG_0886 by PicksPal!.
PicksPals captured these happy girls on a beach in Panama City.

studentcity-spring-break-2009-panama-city-beach-rockstar-party-0065 by Student City.
People tend to drink a lot druing Spring Break, 2009 in Panama was no exception. Photo by StudentCity.

Spring Break 2003 by quartermane.
This guy showed off his true colors. Photo by Quartermane. Spring Break 2009 by
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No lack of gentlemen on the beaches.

Photo by

They fought on the beaches, but the night was what everyone were waiting for. Spring Break 2009 by
Bikini girl signing up for newsletter. By

IMG_0847 by PicksPal!.
Topping up the tan on the beach. PicksPal snatched the photo.

dscn9044 by Beverly Battle.
Jelly shots were popular as always. Photo by Beverly Battle.