Wicked Models NY, an exclusive prostitution ring was busted this week and the site was taken down. Former customers fear that the names in owner Kristen Davis' black book will be revealed. But what about the working assets in the business? The escorts, what do they have to fear?

All the photos on the site seem to have been grabbed from Playboy style men's magazines shoots or lingerie advertising. The eyes and face are blurred, but the background and the lingerie used is the same as when the photo was published in the magazine. If you have read the last years output of men's magazines I am sure you can easily pinpoint who a lot of the escorts really are.

Many do escort work
It's common knowledge that a lot of glamour and erotic models are earning some pretty decent cash on the side by registering at various agencies.

But why...
Last time I checked there's still a little bit of social stigma being a call-girl.

So why would a model who do some escort work on the side do the following stupid thing: Use the same photo that was featured in Playboy on her page on the Wicked Models site.

All publicity is good publicity?
Did the Wicked Models operation use false photos of glamour models who did not know they were featured on the site? I guess that will be the explanation used by women who are confronted with the fact that their photo was used on the WickedModelsNYC site.

Can you recognize any of them?
I found one Playmate and one lingerie model (La Perla) that I recognized on the site. Maybe you can find a few more: Archive.org version of the site