Do you have a nagger wife who just cannot shut up when you break her Do’s and Dont’s inside the house? I wonder why some husbands feel the need to entertain themselves with the company of an escort at some point. While I was toying with the possible reasons, here are the things that entered my mind.

1. Threesome

I wrote about convincing your partner on how to have a threesome with you. But some wives are just plainly conservative and it’s not really that easy to bring up the topic. Well, it’s a lot easier asking an escort to join you on this naughty activity. No explanations needed and you are guilt-free after the act.

2. Have a really good sex

Before you lambasts me with your comments, I just heard this from some men. Maybe it’s because it’s easier to ask an escort to do some sexual favors for you. They are more than willing to oblige. Whenever you push your wife’s head going south, sometimes she objects, depending on her mood.

3. Read the tabloid in peace

I don’t really know why some wives would start their blah blah blah when they see their husband seated reading the tabloids, seemingly lost in his own world. Guys, come on, probably because you give more attention on the broadsheet rather than in between the sheets.

4. Be totally honest

You can be as honest as you would like with an escort but with your wife, you have to put it nicely or else, it will be a battle of the sexes once more. Besides some guys always have these so-called white lies when talking to their wives.

5. Watch sports without interruption

When your watching your favorite game, an escort let’s you do what you have to when request for space. But some wives go dramatic especially on the last two minutes. I guess this also includes being in control of the remote. Who’s the boss?

6. Drop her off on the street

The escort may feel you’re not a gentleman but won’t really care. Heck, you cannot do this with your wife. You’d rather be the one dropped off the streets.

7. Choose a very cheap motel

I am sure wifey would go ballistic if you let her sleep in a cheap motel. The escort may think that you’re a cheapskate, but you won’t really care, don’t you?

8. Not worrying about making her cum

Well, with an escort, there’s no performance anxiety because you won’t get to be nagged if you cannot make her come. When this happens, your wifey may suggest a lot of therapy for you. Do not forget the additional drama too.

9. Spend all your money on the booze

Wives are always on budget control. With an escort, you can pretend you have all the money to spend on the booze.

10. Complain about your wife

Need I say more? Sorry guys, if I have to spill your beans.