Aside from the obvious thrills of being out and about there are a lot of good points to partying hard. Many of them will even benefit you professionally. Here’s a list of 10 reasons why partying hard is good for you personally and professionally.

1. Start Each Day New: The mundane work schedule will gradually bog you down. Same boss, same office, can anyone deal with this week in week out? Partying can ease the pressure.

2. Save Yourself From Workaholism: If you commonly find yourself saying “Got work!... no sleep or “don’t feel right with no work at weekends” it’s possible you’re developing workaholic traits. Partying instead of going to see the doc could be the answer for a better life.

3. Find a Partner and Flirt: You have a greater chance to find a date at a party. So partying as hard as possible makes great sense to the party goer.

4. Get Connected: You’ll meet lots of professional people at parties. Maybe even people from other fields too. These are prime grounds to expand your colleague base and get the jump on your rivals.

5a. Stay Informed: Recent research has proven 58% of party discussions are work related. A busy, well publicised party can be a phenomenal source of information. Partying hard can teach you a lot about your work environment and give helpful work related leads.

5b. Get Yourself Noticed: There’s no better place to build your connections than a party atmosphere. If you’re targeting a new job but can’t reach out to the boss in question it’s a good strategy to converse at parties.

6. Bridge Your Deals: A research carried out by shows 60% of successful business dealings emerge from social gatherings and parties. In fact, many mergers are deliberately crafted at party venues.

7. Head Hunting: Headhunting is the terminology used for hiring new staff, CEO’s and other top white collars. If you’re always out and about at parties you’re more likely to be spotted and feature at the forefront of prospective employers minds.

8. Build Attitude: If you want to be known for a specific reason, do it via parties. Partying hard will help ensure you spread the image you desire amongst your peers and further.

9. Learn To Successfully Read People: The leading professionals these days all have a common trait. That is, they can easily understand and assess people by chatting for a short period. This is a skill set that’ll take you years to master. Plus, it’s one that you’ll need to practice time and again to perfect. Frequent parties will give you an outlet to practice and develop this much needed skill.

10. Switch Your Job: Planning to switch your career or job? Are you planning a job application? Well, it’s time to think it through again. A study carried out recently has shown 66% of jobs in the United States are given through personal communication. Partying hard will massively improve your connections, and massively improve the chance of getting another better paid job.