Bulgaria is no longer a place where you only receive rude service and has to struggle with a hopeless bureaucracy. Sure, you'll probably get your fair share of indifferent service and some things may take more time than you expect. Nevertheless, the country is on its way to get up to western standards, and the prices are still excitingly cheap.

Cheapy cheapy
The financial crises have caused many to look for cheap destinations for their summer holidays. The same crisis has also resulted in the Bulgarian currency taking a hit. This means that it's even cheaper to visit
Bulgaria in 2009 than it was last year, as long as you are a euro or dollar traveller that is.

Beers for 1 euro
Local beers served in 0.5 litre glasses is often available for less than �1 in your local Bulgarian bar.

If you go for a quick bite at one of the many food stalls that are "littered" around the Bulgarian holiday resorts you'll get yourself a pizza slice, hot dog or similar for less than �0.50. If you prefer to sit down and have your meal you are likely to be set back �4-5 at the cheap places, if you go to an expensive one or a tourist trap your meal can cost as much as �10.

If you want to party hard head for Sunny Beach on the Black Sea Coast. This is Bulgaria's version of Ibiza.