There's a different between being "normal" and overweight. It's no doubt about it. This comment on Elaine's fat men article is helpful to those who wants to lose some weight:

I have to admit that having experienced it, people treat you differently when you're athletic than they do when you're overweight. I'm a guy who went through my 20's overweight, and once I hit 30 I thought, "to hell with this," and started working on my diet and exercise, started doing "boot camp" fitness classes, etc. I'm now back down to the 160's, and in the best shape of my life.

though, socially it's a night/day difference when interacting with people. I'd highly recommend it. Is this girl being shallow? Maybe, but like it or not, people judge us on the first impression, perhaps even subconsciously. Why not work to make that impression positive, because at least with me, it's all downhill from there. ;)

Anyway, I know it's not easy, and you might end up going months without a burger or anything fried, but I'm telling you it's so worth it. Here's the diet that ended up working for me before I started going back to the gym; it's kinda written to engineers, and it worked for me, but anything that drops your calories will do it. Good luck, and best wishes..

Remember: It does not matter why you want to lose it. Be it superficial reasons or health reasons.