Buenos Aires, Argentina is considered as the second biggest metropolitan area in South America after Sao Paulo in Brazil. It is situated on the western shore of the estuary of the Rio de la Plata of the southeastern coast of the continent South American. The place is frequently called as the Paris of the South America, for the city has astonishing architecture and beautiful buildings that made it one of the modern cities in this region. Aside from the magnificent history of the place offer, the city also has fun and exciting things that can be done in the city.

Tango in Argentina

Buenos Aires offer fashion shows that normally happens during march  and September. On this show, the latest trends from local designers are presented in the runway. The event is done in five days. In march  the winter collection is the one that is being presented and during September  the summer collection is being modeled. On this event, there are 30 labels show off their wares to about 13,000 visitors everyday. You will definitely be able to see graceful beauties, catty fashionistas and  other people who want to spend their months in  a more trendy way.

Another event that Beunos Aires is offering is the Buenos Aires Tango Festival. This happens in the mid of August. This is presented in different theatres and cultural centers that are present in the city. The city is known as the tango capital of the world.  The Tango Festival is said to be a festival that does not only represent the city but as well as the whole world.  The event is a nine day extravaganza of the concert, shows free classes, exhibitions, open air milongas and other related tango festivities. If you like tango and see the different styles of this elegant dance then, Buenos Aires is the best place for you. There are lots who have said that once you have been in Buenos Aires, the thing that you should not miss experiencing is to dance tango. To dance tango can be definitely very special and unforgettable experience for the argentine tango is identified to be one of the most provocative but still hearts racing dances around the globe at present.

Buenos Aires is as well as considered as one of the places that has the best nightlife scenery in South America. So, while you are in the city you can go to club/bar hopping or head down to one of the most happening spots in the town, which is the Plaza Serrano. Furthermore, you can enjoy the live music scene with lots of clubs and pubs where you are able to find various verities of music ranging from jazz to hip hop, reggae to Caribbean bands that is performing. Experience fun in the city until dawn, so that you are sure that you definitely get a full night worth of the unremarkable beats and music coupled with fantastic drinks and entertainment.

Through the lots of activities that Buenos Aires  is offering, it is up to you to choose on what part of the year you are going to the city. However, just keep in mind that once you are in the city the thing that you must not forget to do is the dance tango.