Barbara Zatler is a Danish/Slovenian fashion and glamour model with appearances on the cover of Playboy and several other magazines. She has also starred in various TV-series and movies. Scandinavians may remember her as the hostess of the brothel in the highly successfull Danish film - Klovn the Movie.

Barbara was happy to answer our sunny and sinful questions:

- What's the most expensive drink you have ever drunk?
- I dont really drink but it happens now and then. But I've never bought an expensive drink. I drink Red Bull with vodka. Not the big money spender drink I know :)

- Please tell us about your favourite nightlife spots in Copenhagen?
- My favorite spot in town must be Simons and Zen which is the two best nightclubs in town! There are always full of guests and of atmosphere! But sometimes when I am in the mood for a smaller crowd i go to a bar called Borger Kroen. This is the place
to be if you want a cosy quiet place in the center of town.

- Please share your best hangover tips?
- I've only got a hangover once or twice but I always drink Coca Cola and mix it with painkillers. My best tip as a non professional drinker :)

- Where will you travel for your next vacation?
- I am taking a trip to Miami, L.A and Mexico for some work in the next few months. Filming a movie in Miami and doing some modeling in L.A and Mexico! So I'm looking forward to this!

- What's your favourite places for beach vacations?
- My favorite holiday beach spot is Portoroz in Slovenija! This is a place we came to every year when I was a child and i love this place.

- What do you do to stay in shape?
- I dont do anything and i know i should but every time I become a member of a fitness center I never show up! But I'm planning on pulling myself together and do something about it before it is too late. I know my luck will run out one day :)