When the party is over and you wake up the next day and just want to kill yourself. What should you do?

Have a drink
The english call this the hair of the dog. The full expression is: "the hair of the dog that bit you.” Have a drink to make the liver go to work again. This will postpone the pain. If you are on a one week hardcore party holiday this will probably be your only way to cope. But when the week is over you are going to have a really tough time.

A few painkillers will help ease the worst pain. Just be too careful, if you eat painkillers every day you can damage your stomach.

Keep your head out of the sun
On the day after the sun will only irritate you and your body. The best thing is to stay in the shade. But you are on a holiday and you would probably want to get back with a little tan. Use a cap or something on your head, or even better, use a parasol to keep your head out of the sun. It is OK to let the rest of the body soak up the sun. The head is the most important part to cover.