There is no more devastating potion for a relationship than alcohol. When people abuse alcohol, their relationships suffer. This goes for all relationships, but romantic relationships have the tendency to be especially damaged. Drinking too much or too often is bad for your body and it’s an unhealthy pattern over the long run. It can also be bad for your partner, who just won’t have the real you around when you are drinking. Some guys take this problem one step further and they start beating their girlfriends.

Make a change
If you want to keep that relationship going strong and keep yourself out of jail, you have to stop drinking and keep your hands off of your girlfriend. This is much easier said than done, though. Your drinking problem is just something that manifests itself because of other problems in your life. In order to stop drinking excessively, you have to take a look at your life and manage those problems. Specifically, you need a complete change in thinking.

Leave the bottle alone and keep your friends close
Getting rid of any addiction is tough, but alcohol can be the most difficult. Because so many social situations involve drinking, you will always face temptation. Forget about the bottle for a while and don’t overvalue its importance. Ask your friends to help you handle the situation. This support from friends and family can help you get over that awful bout with alcoholism.

How to say “I’m sorry”
When the drinking stops, you better work to patch things up with the little lady. You can probably earn her forgiveness if you work hard enough, but asking for forgiveness is sometimes the hardest thing. The only way to say, “I’m sorry” is to really mean it and make sure your girlfriend knows that. You don’t have to go out and buy her a nice ring. Just show that you mean what you say by keeping your nose clean and keeping your drunken paws off of her.