Los Angeles Times wrote about a special kind of pool party at the Hard Rock hotel in Las Vegas. Every Sunday afternoon through the summer. A great tan and boob job to match are recommended in order to blend in. Here are some photos from Flickr:

The Pool Party at Sundays have been a huge success. With prices of $375 for a bottle of Rum the Hard Rock Hotel has made millions throughout the season.

This is in contrast to other hotels in Vegas where the expensive swimming pools are not bringing in money at all. Of course, they are now starting to plan daytime
pool parties of their own.

Look forward to some afternoon delight on your next trip to Vegas!

"LAS VEGAS — On a Sunday afternoon in Las Vegas, at the hottest pool party in town, the Hard Rock Hotel's Jack LaFleur is the man to know. The promotions director stands at the velvet rope, deciding who will shake their booties in the sun — and who won't.

"Only girls, send 'em up!" LaFleur barks as a stream of 20-something, bikini-clad women hop the line, leaving a couple of hundred frustrated men in their wake. "No more guys. It's out of control.""

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