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8 ways to save money for spring break

A little sacrifice now can go a long way later.

Yes, we all know that we should eat vegetables and exercise a lot to get fit. But it is booooring and it does not work for 9 out of 10 of us. Here are some tips that really works for getting you fit and ready for your spring break blowout.

Maybe tuition is due next week or maybe you just need to put four gallons of gas in your car. Regardless, partying must still go on. It just has to cost a little less.

Thinking of booking a cheap hotel for your spring break trip? Here are some words of warning.

You are likely to encounter some wet t-shirt contests during your spring break vacation. Here are some things you probably do not need to know about them.
Do you need a cheap bikini for spring break? gives tips on 5 bikini brands you can buy for less than $20.
Some videos showing how you could have fun during this year's spring break.
- What the hell are you wearing! Go get changed now!

Faces of meth (pics/video)

Disturbing video.
The famous brand has some great offers.

Some useful tips.

Couch surfing: Cheapy bed for the night

If you try couch surfing you probably should not party too hard, you may end up puking in someone's couch!

Plan your spring break 2008 now

2008 is a leap year and that means that Easter Vacation will also occur during March this season.

How to grab that prize? Tips & hints.

Skimpy thongs from Wicked Weasel

Famous microkini manufacturer Wicked Weasel also sells underwear.
Oil wrestling, wet t-shirt contents and other types of events are mainly arranged to get men into the bar, hence, the bar makes money on drinks while the boys are entertained.

Every girl should bring a black bikini to your spring break vacation.
Here's a woman who really gets in trouble with her boss.

It is expensive to party on the French Riviera.

Want to know the prices before you visit? Read here.

Here's a price list for those considering a trip to Kefalonia.

The price level on Santorini is slightly more expensive than other Greek islands.

Alcohol is more expensive than food in this luxurious resort town located next to the Red Sea.

The price level is pretty pretty good for a tourist...

The Canary isles got a decent price level. Slightly cheaper than mainland Spain.

Thinking of travelling to Croatia and the Adriatic coast? Here's info about the price level on Croatia's Riviera.

Ayia Napa is a slightly expensive resort compared to Turkey and other low cost party destinations.

Alanya in Turkey is a very cheap place to visit.

Check out the Harajuko girls on Sundays and other hot tips for tourists in Tokyo. 

Funny stories from travel agents

Travel agents experience a lot in their line of work.

Bikini Car Wash Prank (video)

Getting fooled by bikini clad girls.

Expensive Swarowski Bikinis

These are not bikinis, they are "blingkinis."

How to irritate your friends?

Do you enjoy being hated? Here are 30 things you can do that will irritate your friends and co-workers.
Royster the Oyster takes a trip to Panama City Beach and join the springbreakers. In this video clip you get to experience both sides of the story.

Video clip: 3 fat men enjoy their day

Funny or disgusting? You decide.

Gisele Bundchen visits Miami

Gisele Bundchen on a beach in Miami.

What is it like to work at Hooters?

No rich parents? Then you probably need some extra income to get by in your college life. In attempt to earn extra cash, some students undergoes a babelicious transformation so she can serve wings to fat guys at Hooters.
Club La Vela is the largest nightclub in the USA. It also claims to be one of the trendiest and most respected nightclubs in the world. Club La Vela adds new theme rooms on a yearly basis to its already huge arsenal of onsite clubs. All rooms are located under one roof! Each theme room has its own atmosphere, ambience, feel, and audience.

Here are two movies that gives you some ideas for new dance moves you can try on the dance floor on that hip club you gonna visit on Saturday.

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