- My girlfriend was crying when I called her last night.
- Why?
- Some older women had made fun of her at the beach.

Are you considering to be a bit crazy and buy yourself a micro/mini bikini? If you look good enough to pull it off nothing is a better way to get the attention of the guys at the beach and to secure a tan with a minimum of tanlines. To avoid problems and tears, ask yourself these questions before you go ahead and order:

1. Is my fat percentage below 20%?
The fat percentage illustrates how much of your body consists of fat. The rest of your body is water, muscles and bones. You need some fat in order to have ass and breasts, but if you have too much there's gonna be too much junk around for you to comfortably wear a micro bikini. A normal
healthy woman have a fat percentage of between 15-35%.

2. Do I have a tan?
A tan hides spots and show off your curves. Get some kind of base tan through tanning beds or self-tanners before you hit the beach in your micro-bikini.

3. Do I need the attention?
A micro bikini is not something you wear if you just want to lie on the beach and read a book. Expect lots of staring and maybe a few comments from your fellow beach-goers.

4. Am I waxed?
A micro bikini is not something you wear with hairy stubs in your private area. You need to be completely hairless to pull off the look convincingly.

5. Did I follow the 4 rules of micro bikini body work out?
You need to look fit and fun to wear a minimal bikini. The 4 rules of working out to get a micro bikini body are: Work out every day during autumn, winter, spring and summer.

6. Will my boyfriend understand?
If your boyfriend is the insecure or jealous type you should wear something more modest.