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VideoJug: How To Be The Perfect Girlfriend

Since man ran naked on the veldt he has changed very little. Sure, he's harnessed fire, built the pyramids, and walked on the moon, but he's still a caveman at heart. His needs haven't really changed for thousands of years: food, beer, women. But how is this compatible with your sophisticated, modern life? It isn't! But it can be. With just a few simple tips you can be the perfect girlfriend, which should make him want to be the perfect boyfriend.

A few highlights from the video

Relax your standards: While you should endeavour to maintain your femininity, once in a while let your guard down: eat like a pig, slouch around, or leave the washing up.

In the bedroom: When it comes to bedtime and matters of the night, your needs may be different. Sex is a simple matter for him: he wants it, whenever, wherever. Never put out if you aren't in the mood, but do accept he always will be, and don't tell him off because he finds you devastatingly attractive all of the time.