Did you ever think that with age men lose their appeal? Think again, because a recent research shows that 28% women within the age range 23-33, love to go out or chill out with an older man.  

Still not convinced? Here is an insight from Lucy- a 30 year old working for Microsoft Corporation- "Rather than a shaky young guy who jumps away too often, I would spend the evening with an experienced, reasonable and powerful personality". Following are 10 tips that could turn a dad into a DILF: 

1. Looking ‘powerful’: A women sees successful man as greatly appealing. In other words, most women have a natural tendency to have a crush on powerful people, but the bottom line here is to look powerful. There are many powerful men out their who does not seem like having strong influence over a company or a community. A shrewd DILF gets makeover to look powerful in grooming, styling overall, but the over do'ers fail in most cases. 

2. Working out: Nothing like a well built guy who has the masculine looks nicely meshed with age. An admired DILF has the strong or tough look written all over him. The vital part to remember here is that, traditional muscle people do not attract women as much as those who have the naturally well-built look. Who has time for overgrown flesh? Think of Richard Gear for instance, when did he show his muscles for the last time? 

3. Avoiding Gold Diggers: Most girls believe that younger women date or marry successful older men because of their money or Mercedes. True in many cases as it is world full of Gold Diggers. Clever men usually judge the motive of women trying to get close to them. Once a man gets popularity as the Gold Diggers’ target, younger women usually perceive them as ‘non appealing stupid’. 

4. Grabbing style in lifestyle: Girls tend to judge men by the color, worth or styling of these items that you’ve tagged your life with. This applies for the essentials or accessories or outfit or the car an older man is using, The catch here is not just about the money a man spends for the lifestyle, it is a lot more about the smart synchronization they have picked up between necessity and taste that girls fall for.

5. Not getting rid of that gray hair: Gray hair makes older people hot- drags women like magnet. This is such a gift that the younger guys do not have. Youth in hear is appealing but there is something else in the older hairs.

6. Not trying too hard: The more an older man are trying hard to chase women- the more they play hard to get in most cases. A successful DILF doesn’t expect ladies to approach him first all the times! The best they do is being more proactive and that in a reasonable way.

7. Smelling great: The science of aroma speaks in favor of women falling for the smell of their passion. The challenge for the DILF is the selection of odor. But, not all ladies feel irresistible to all male perfumes. 

8. Avoiding the ‘sex-maniac’ look: Sex has its own appeal and style. And women do love wild aged men. But wanting sex like you have been starving for the last six months will cut colors. A seasoned DILF approaches with patience and experience.

9. Being entertaining: A DILF is in most cases an entertaining humorist- a seasoned one though. His attitude reflects pure innocent humor that does not heart people’s ego or esteem. Those who turns out to be clowns are pathetic.

10. Being kind and ‘a rescuer’: Girls love the superman stuff in a man. A seasoned DILF helps girls out of their troubles and asks nothing in return. Forgiving faults with tolerance enhances appeal in male personality. Older men who screw younger women are very good at giving ladies second or even third chances. It becomes easy then to have the ladies with that grateful look- ready to elope!