Apart from the fun-stuff, there are tons of good sides of partying hard- even taking the professional zone into consideration. Dudes with great party habits have good news to listen! Partying hard is no longer to get ruined or dumped in bears for pathetic hangovers. Here are 10 reasons why you party hard- 

1. Start everyday new: The tighter your schedule is about work, the more you are bogged down with boredom. Same old boss and same old office- who can deal with this for months? Partying hard can get all the pressure off! This is because life becomes much more than office and need chained.

2. Save your ass from workaholism: ‘Got work honey! …… I will sleep later’ or perhaps, ‘…..don’t feel good… no office to do on weekends’- did you say something like these in past few months? If you did, you may be a victim of workaholic behavioral traits. Partying hard instead of going to the doctors could be a better way to live.

3. Get connected: You get to know a whole pack of professionals at parties. You would even find professionals from different fields in a party. Where else do you get to know a lot of people? For instance, as some parties are usually aquariums of professionals from different fields, a lawyer can get to know dozens of potential clients.

4. Find dolls or guys: Men have been created for war and women for the recreation of the worrier. This works vice versa. It is the parties where you have the maximum chance to find a date lead or a flirt for recreation. This is a recreation for the soldier- or professional. So partying hard makes a great sense to the party goers.

5a. Stay informed: A research shows that 57% of the professionals’ in time parties is spent over discussions on their jobs and business. A busy party can be ‘the’ information booth for you- the offline style though. The net has all the research stuff! But where do I go for the unpublished insiders experiences? There goes green light to Partying Hard to be a great professional. 

5b. Get noticed: If you are up to some sort of connection building- a special one for a special purpose, try your luck at parties. If you are after the new job and cannot get to the boss who has the deal in hand- it is a good option to impress him by selling yourself in the parties. 

6. Bridge Deals: Another research from FT.com shows that around 60% of the successful business deals are emerged from the ‘fun parties’ or social gatherings. Successful mergers or acquisitions today are deliberately crafted in parties (the initial accord leading to formal larger deals later).  

7. Build attitude- industry wide: Do you want to be known as an animal lover or a hard guy or the investigative gig? Do it through by partying hard. Yes, you can do it within your peers as well, but partying hard spreads your image and attitude better.

8. Head Hunting: This is a term used for hiring CEO or top notch white collars. In a partying hard habit you are always face to face with the probable jewel for your human resource crown. This means that you find your guy in parties and hire him later.

9. Switch jobs: Planning to switch to that grand job you have always dreamt of? Too afraid to tell your boss? Are you planning to apply for a job? Well, think again. A recent survey shows that 65% jobs in the US is given via reference- in other words- ‘personal communication’. If you party hard, you have tons of connections to get jobs- no more being afraid of the dumb boss!

10. Learn to read people: The best professionals today have one thing in common. They understand people by just the glance or by a 10 minutes of chatting. This is such an art that takes years to master. Learn reading (getting a deep rooted understanding of people) by being a hardcore party animal.