Spring Break Pics

Photo documentation from the various spring break parties.

    IMG_0886 by PicksPal!.
    Spring Break 2009 was a week of tanning and partying. Here's a collection of photos.

    A student today, a model tomorrow? These sexy sprinbreakers got it going on.

    Photos from a spring break vacation in 2004.

    Men in bikinis are funny, for a little while.

    Lots of photographers wander around the beaches and snap photos, go home and greyscale them on their Mac. The result is some artistic bikini photos.
    Some photos uploaded to Flickr that shows the party atmosphere in Ibiza.

    Lots of nice bikinis were displayed during this year's spring break. Here's the top 10.

    Spring break is over and the girls have returned back and uploaded their photos to Flickr, Webshots and other social photo sharing sites. Here's a list of this year's best looking men.

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