Not all women have a slim figure (like the self-confessed vain-glorious me) but everybody has the right to party! You may not have the stick-thin model look, but sexiness is all about attitude. Here are few tips to real women who want to look fabulous when they hit the club!

1. Go with the right stiletto

Choose the right trendy heels you'd be comfortable wearing all throughout the night. Never try too hard wearing 4-inch heels. Some women choose very annoyingly high heels and they complain about suffering from sore feet. How can you dance the night away if your shoes won't permit you? But flats are not appropriate for clubbing, so go for something in between. 

2. Don't compromise comfort for style

You may be doning the hottest piece of dress, but if you look awkwardly uncomfortable in them, you'd end up being "Miss Pathetic of the Night". If you borrowed it from a friend, make sure it fits you.

Moreover, secure your undies in place. At parties, it's really disgusting to see girls who keeps on fixing their bra straps while dancing. Choose a strapless bra instead but if you're afraid that they will fall off, wear a clear bra strap. Do not ever consider wearing nipple covers or nippits when you don't have perky breasts.

3. Sexy not Slutty!

Sexy does not imply that you have to bare it all and not leave something to the imagination. When wearing a top which shows your most coveted cleavage, don't pair it with something which almost displays your undies. Going out in a piece of clothing which is see-through all over is not highly recommended. Also, if you are not a Playboy cover girl, avoid the whore-style ultra-fitted black leather pants. 

4. Highlight your best feature (and cover in disguise what you don't like)

Yes, if you have it, flaunt it. If you have nice pair of legs, wear something that will draw attention to them. Note: Highlight only one feature at a time. If you emphasize everything, the looker will be so confused.

For heavy girls, wear something darker to create an illusion of a smaller body. Don't wear something tight, it will emphasize your curves at the wrong places. Know your body type and dress according to it.

5. Keep yourself updated with the trends

I don't advise that we worship the trends and make those beauty magazines your bible, but at least be up-to-date. Do not wear a dress which will make you look like you just stepped out from another era. (Tip: Stop borrowing you Mom's clothes, unless she's a fashion guru).

6. Play with accessories

Accessorize but do not be too happy wearing your accessories all at once. Bring attention to one key accessory and be more subtle on the others. If you choose to focus on the must-have necklace. Stay simple on the bracelets, scarf etc. Try to stay sophisticated and classy. Your hand bag and shoes does not have to be of the same color.

7. Don't be afraid to experiment and show your own style

It's better to be a trendsetter than just copying other people's style. Be unique. When you are at a club, expect that 101% of the girls there exerted an effort to pull the look they have tonight. Don't let yourself be one of the unknown faces in the crowd. Add spice to the common style and stand out.

When you go out with your girls, you do not have to be a copycat of each other. Your get-up does not have to be coordinated with your friends’ style. Don’t go out like you are some kind of a Pussy Cat dolls or Spice girls about to perform.

8. Don't only look sexy, but smell sexy

Some girls looks stunning but when you go near them, you'd be turned off with how smelly and sweaty they are after coming from the dance floor. Spritz a sexy scent to disguise your hideous smell (chuckle).

9. Be Realistic

I'm not here to tell you how to make your tummy appear smaller, or how to make your legs look longer. Don't have a distorted view of your body image. Don't be in denial about your size and  insist that you're a size 6 when you're a size 10. Wear something that flows a little when you move. Sway with a sexy silky satin fabric. Lacey pieces are also cute and feminine. 

10. Every woman should know this rule: Panty lines are not hot!

I think this is self-explanatory.

To all the girls out there, don't look like you're trying too hard. Have a nonchalant aura and stop being overly self-conscious. Stay laidback, cool and confident and you'll surely have a good time. Accept the fact that the world is not fair and we can't all be the socialite brat Paris Hilton!