Daytona Beach is in the East Central part of Florida, USA, and is famed for it's racing roots.  The mild year round temperatures brings people from allover, most of which come here to party, surf and watch the racing. Currency here is US Dollars ($).

Who Comes To Daytona Beach?
Groups, couples, singles, – everyone likes it here because there's so much to do, on or off the beach.  Of course, most people come here for the Daytona 500 speedway rallies that regularly take place and even those that aren't racing enthusiasts have so much to do – and some just come here to eat, sunbathe and party the night away!  Although families do visit Daytona Beach, I've read too many reviews that report one or two problems of drunkenness and fighting so, if you decide to take the kids (there are lots of activities and they all love days on the beach) keep an eye on them and don't leave your common sense in the hotel room. I would leave the kids at home and bring yourself and your friends to this lively resort and book yourself a fine hotel, don't opt for value over quality.

When does the Season Begin in Daytona Beach?
A popular time is the May spring break season when families and students visit.  June to August often hits 32degrees and is quite humid and I've read the all out best time to visit here if weather is your deciding factor is October to May when there's less humidity but more sunshine.

Airport Information
Daytona Beach International Airport is close to the resort – just 6.4kms / 4m – and does get busy when racing events are held in the resort.  There are plenty of car rental companies that operate at the airport whose name you would recognise, at around $14 / �10 / £7 per day for a basic car it's worth considering.  However if its a simple taxi transfer you can expect to pay $12 /  �9 / £6. for that transfer.

The airport is very security conscious – you might find you have to remove your shoes and jackets to be security screened, or that when you return to go home your souvenirs are unwrapped so travelling light is a good idea.

An alternative airport is Orlando International Airport but a bus transfer to Daytona Beach will cost $35 / �26 / £17.50 per adult.

Daytona Beach Nightlife
Daytona Beach features numerous featured bars (Irish, British, American) so you can take your pick.  The bars go on 'til late although if you fancy sampling more than a couple of bars then head of to a club – you're truly spoilt for choice. 

If you want a party by the beach, then try the popular 'Oyster Pub' on Seebreeze Avenue followed by 'Razzles Nightclub' on Seebreeze Boulevard. 

Bars are usually open until around 3am and clubs till later.

Local Drinks
You can find beer and soft drinks are relatively cheap here at an average $2 / �1.40 / £1 per glass, with bottled If you fancy a change from beer, perhaps grab a Guinness from 'Tir Na Nog Irish Pub' which you will find on International Speedway Boulevard. 

Local Cuisine
Grab a real American hamburger from the lively 'Johnny Rockets' or Mexican Fajitas at 'Adobe Gila's'.  Pizza is widely available, as are Caribbean food and American grills,  and you can expect one meal to cost an average of just $12 / �9 / £6 with most restaurants serving real American sized portions!

Boy/Girl Ratio
I may not have exact statistics for you but despite what you might think about the 'racing' environment, this resort attracts loads of ladies – perhaps trying to attract what they believe is an abundance of men! With that in mind, fellas mind your wares – they're everywhere!

About Daytona Beach
Daytona Beach is one huge beach – stretching 37kms / 23m and being 500 metres deep – so you will easily discover a lovely spot on which to strip off, don your favourite swimsuit (or half a suit) and worship the sun.  The sand is pale, soft and warm and holidaymakers love to get involved with the water activities with their mates or with other like-minded holiday goers and there's plenty to do if you take the kids.

Note:- Currency conversions listed are correct upon time of writing.