Tipping is not a custom in Australia but if you like the services that you received, then no one is stopping you from handing out gratuity. In establishments, you are already charged 10% for Goods and Services Tax. This is seen in your total bill. However, if you want the waiter or waitress to directly receive a tip, then it is best that you leave money on the table or hand this to him or her yourself.

In restaurants
Tipping is not really expected in Australia. This is because basic wage rates and overtime payments in different industries have already been protected. But service providers do appreciate a little extra and tourists can give these to them. As for locals, some Australians leave tips if
they find the service quite exceptional – but this is only in expensive restaurants.

Bars & taxis
In bars, tipping is not expected. What you can do is leave some coins when you leave the bar after picking up the drink. The same goes out to taxis. What you can do is just tell the driver to keep the change. You can round up the amount of the fare and just step out before he hands you coins.

The service in Australia is very casual when compared to most countries. You may be in expensive hotels and restaurants but it’s like you’re having barbecue at a mate’s house. It is customary for Australians to keep everything relaxed and they also treat everyone as equals. When you are in Australia, it’s like you’re one of them. They don’t want to create a fuss; therefore they don’t really expect tips from tourists. But if they leave some, then they would gladly accept this.