Wages are low in the Dominican Republic. Therefore, tipping is greatly appreciated. A dollar to them amounts so much. Guests leave small items and sometimes a dollar or two every morning on the pillows in the hotel room and leave notes for the maids to let it know that these are theirs.

In restaurants or bars, waiters greatly appreciate these gratuities as well. They even go out of their way to please tourists. Nonetheless, the service and hospitality are all genuine. It’s common that if you find the service exceptional in nature that you tip really well.

Make sure that the tip goes to the waiter or waitress. There are restaurants that already include the service charge in your total bill. If you
want to help out, then give the bill directly to your service provider. The same goes out to the cab drivers. Round up the total amount of your cab fare because the change can mean the tip for the driver already.

In Dominican Republic, if you tip the waiters, waitresses, porters, cab drivers, or hotel concierges really well, they will make sure that all your needs are accommodated and you wouldn’t request for anything more.  You have to understand that they make very little money every month so that dollars, even if it’s just less than $5, can already go a long way for them.

Tips also mean tourists’ appreciation of the efforts they exert to give you the time of your life while you’re vacationing in their home country. Things are slower in the Dominican Republic and tourists, especially Americans, can really relax. If the staff members are attentive to your every need, then they definitely deserve a tip.