In the United States, most bartenders and waiters are paid below minimum wage. That is why they make the most out of the tips that they can get. This means that a server could earn more on a good night and hardly break even when the night is slow. Servers are also expected to pay income tax on the tips that they get.

All 50 states have different views on minimum wage laws. Some let their employers pay less than the minimum wage in order to tip the staff but others do not do this. For example, in Las Vegas, the tips are unionized; therefore the wages and benefits are higher compared to other sites. Do not be confused because you will get the hang of tipping in the United States once you get used to it. The
general rule is that you have to tip 15%. If anyone is rude to you, then just tell the manager.

If you are at a restaurant with table service, tip 15% depending on the quality of the service. If the service is above excellence, then you can leave as much as 25%. The service provider will greatly appreciate this.

Unlike in most countries, service charge is not included in the bill. This is only included when you have a large party with you. If your party is larger than most guests dining in that restaurant, then you must give 20% instead of the usual 15%. This is because the service provider had to do more – serving more people in your table than he would if he were assigned to another table.

For cabs, you can round up the fare to the closest amount so that you wouldn’t have to deal with coins. Just remember that tipping is your way of showing your appreciation for service well done.