Everyone wants to enjoy themselves on their holidays, and it's nice to let your hair down and have a few drinks while you're away. However, cruise companies are sharply cutting down on the amount of alcohol passengers are allowed to bring on board with them, and Royal Caribbean is no exception.

You can't bring anything onboard
Royal Caribbean, like all major companies, do not allow their passengers to carry aboard bottles of spirits, and they will confiscate any liquor found if you are caught. Of course, it would be wrong even to mention that some passengers have found ways of smuggling spirits in their luggage and drinking it in their cabins. Although some companies do allow their passengers to bring wine with them, Royal Caribbean forbid this as well.

Prices of wine, lager, cocktails
In other words, passengers will find themselves reliant on the alcohol served
on board if they want a tipple, and it won't come cheap. All the drinks on board are priced in American dollars. A glass of wine or a bottle of beer costs around $5 depending on the label; a pint of lager can cost over $7. A bottle of wine can will cost from $27-$49, depending on the kind; wine lovers can choose from a menu of a dozen of more reds and whites. Cocktails and frozen cocktails are between $7 to $10; the frozen cocktails are worth trying, though, on hot summer nights.

Gratuity and non-alcoholic drinks
Non-alcoholic cocktails are available for about $3-$4. Unlike some cruise operators, the limit of the drinking age on board is 18 rather than 21. A 15 per cent gratuity is added to your order, and all drinks are put on a key card linked to your cabin, which must be paid off at the end of the cruise. Budget for around $10 per person per day, and more if you plan to drink quite extensively.