All holiday destinations who attracts a young party crowd got a few strip clubs scattered around. These establishments always require fresh talent to do shows and dance. Maybe the job as an exotic dancer is something for you to take up this summer?

Exotic Dancer
Do you enjoy dancing? Are you an exhibitionist? Maybe you just like making excellent money and have a body to die for. As an exotic dancer, you too can make your rags to riches dream come true. Exotic dancers take it all off while wearing slutty clothes and listening to exotic music. In addition, exotic dancers get to wear costumes such as a naughty nurse costume or a pouty police officer costume. Great pay for getting naked one piece of clothing at a time.

Average pay rate: $30 to $500 per hour depending on the exotic dancers physique, appearance, and "extra" skills.

Pros: Easy job with great pay if you have a great body and do not mind being naked in front of drunk strangers who just want to ogle your naked body.

Cons: Everyone will call you a “stripper”, and drunken strangers expect more than an ogle or two.

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