Faliraki is the "Ibiza of Greece." Located on the island of Rhodes it is well connected to UK and Northern Europe by flights. The resort offers wild parties and non-stop action. But many are not content with just a week or two of sun and sin. They want to make the stay more permanent. We know it is very expensive to party on full throttle for months so the solution is to do a working holiday.

The jobs you can get
Clubs and bars need people for various positions. Here are some examples:

Waiters and Waitresses
Pulling people in off the street to the bar or night club -usually performance
Dancers (dancing on a podium)

The pay
Depending on your position you are paid 20-40 euros per night of work. Not only do you get paid, you get extras that come with the job: free drinks!

Where to stay
You can get a small apartment for 250-300 euros a month. It is best to go around and ask in bars and restaurants about accomondation. Someone usually knows someone and can hook you up.

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