Bulgaria is a black sea bargain
The Sunny Beach and Golden Sands resorts are definately not the most glamourous spots in the world. By choosing one of them you are guaranteed a cheap holiday where the price of a filling hot dog in one of the small stands outside the tourist strip is likely to set you back only �0.3! A beer in a bar is a bit more expensive, you may have to part with a whole �1 coin for it.

Turkey is a tasty choice
Delicious food and hot hot hot temperatures during the summer months
is what awaits you if you decide to opt for Turkey as your vacation destination. In slightly upscale Antalya you are likely to be set back �5 for a full meal. Beers are had for a euro or two.

An adventure in Egypt
Egypt is not in Europe, but it is pretty close and very cheap so therefore it is included in this little write up. Sharm El Sheikh is a chic little Red Sea Resort with a moderately lively nightlife. In this place you are likely to get a pizza at a restaurant for appx. �1-2. Being a Muslim country the alcohol is taxed heavily, so expect paying from �1-3 for beer. Egyptian wine is cheap but taste crap, the French imported versions will set you back minimum �30 a bottle. Summer temperatures reaches 50 degrees celsius so a spring or autumn visit is recommended.